Wednesday April 28th

Wednesday April 28th

Today we went to the Pali lookout. Pretty interesting spot. Always windy there.

The world glider record was set there for 21 hours and 34 minutes hours aloft by a Mr William Cocke, Jr in 1931 in a glider called "Nighthawk". There is a placque on the wall commemorating it. Pretty amazing.

The original Pali road was built in 1897 and opened in 1898 to the public. Now a modern highway with a tunnel passes nearby and this old highway has become a nice trail. 

We hiked down about an hour to the main fork in the road and then turned around. It was a beautiful little hike. Giant ferns, huge dracaena, forest forest forest, little waterfalls, and lots of flowers. I've got a bunch of pictures to show the trail along the way. You get a spectacular view every now and then too. 

We spent maybe 3.5 hours in total then headed back across the island on the H2 which is always a stunning way to get back to Honolulu. We parked at the Embassy Suites who take validation for most local restaurants on Shorewalk or Lewers and went to the Yardhouse. We got there in time of the early bird specials and had pizzas, nachos, thai poke piled high and drinks for very cheap. We had often walked past the Yardhouse on Lewers in years past but not thought much about it. Friends Antionette and Trace Stapley recommended we go and we loved it. Great great food. YUM. I've got a shot of the nachos. I think we had more but I think they were on Jenivee's phone which was later lost/stolen. 

We watched the sunset from Waikiki. Apparently they don't do the torch lighting ceremony any more? It seemed very ..... strange.... without the official demarcation of the evening to which we had grown so accustomed.

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