Ecotones Duet Sleep Machine Review - Death Ray Laser Sound

Ecotones Duet Sleep Machine Death Ray Laser Sound

My wife bought a soundscapes thing (Ecotones Duet Sleep Machine) on Amazon deal of the day about a week back because she has grown to appreciate white noise while sleeping. And although it sounded promising and has auto adjusting white noise injection over its built in sound tracks this particular model had a minor flaw.

Our favourite soundscape it creates is the Ocean beach sound. It has 10 in all and Meadow is probably our second favourite. But I am sure if Jenivee had her druthers she would listen to the Ocean track the most. 

Sleep Or Torment: Ocean Death Ray vs Peaceful Meadow

The first night we had it she put it on Ocean and drifted off to peaceful sleep. I am not sure how much later, maybe 20 minutes later, we were startled awake by what can only be described as a sound that made me think aliens had just zoomed in to Earth orbit and were now attacking everything and everyone on our street with a giant green laser that made a huge piercing sound.

This is literally the image I had of what must be happening when I was awoken by this otherwise tranquil sound scape. 


So now, she is RMA'ing the device and she asked me how to describe what the defect was and what it sounded like. I thought for a moment and said, " It is a an ocean sound intermittently filled with a 'giant-green-pulsating-laser-destroying-the-earth' sound." 

She paused for a moment, and said, "Yeah, that is pretty much what it sounded like." Our daughter Shaylee laughed and snorted a "yeah it does"...


Now on the flip side, we have enjoyed the Meadow track all week long. But utimately, for $100 plus bucks, we think it is important to get the Ocean track functional as well...Don't you?

Side Note:

This is the latest in a string of sleep enhancers my wife is getting into. Her last one before this was a Zeo sleep machine. That is actually a pretty cool machine. 

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