2011 July Trip To Moab


Piers came out for a quick trip this summer. He is 12 until July 23rd. Thus he has a busy schedule as would be befitting a twelve year old. Places to see, people to visit. Anyway, we made the most of it. Here was our 10 or so days: 
  • Thursday: Grandpa picked him up, we went to Smashburger, then out to our lot in Draper that overlooks both Draper and Happy valley. We saw some full bloom Sego Lilies on the lot. Nice!
  • Friday: At the Park City Olympic Part. We watched the Australian ski team do some freestyle into the training pool; We took a guided tour of the Park; We did a zip line and the Alpine Slide. Later we went to the Lion House Pantry and had a home-style meal. Then the Clark Planetarium and watched "Violent Universe" in 3D. 
  • Saturday: Transformers 3D. Del Taco for brunch. Xbox in the afternoon and worked in the yard. Went to the Stapley's in the evening for a get together. 
  • Sunday: Went to Snowbird and took the gondola to the top at 11,000ft and had a snowball fight. Later at home, watched True Grit on the 11ft screen in the basement with BBQ Brats and smoked sausage, Italian Sodas. Then, fireworks in the street. Fun!
  • Monday: Flowrider session! Harley's and Bucks in old town Eden. A couple of Parade of Homes homes. 

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