Anthony Calvillo

Okay, get ready for a bit of rambling. This is interesting however (to me at least) and just shows we are all connected, even without Facebook making it obvious.

Anthony Calvillo was our USU quartberback in 1993 and was dating Tanya Florin who lived in the same set of apartment fourplexes as Catherine Anne Boulatoff (my first wife) and myself. Jamie Boggiano was Tanya's roommate just fyi with whom I worked at a part-time job at USU. I still have a couple copies of American Art & History magazines Tanya lent us with her Canyon Road address in Logan, Utah on them in my dwindling stack of old magazines I keep. (I sort them every year and generally throw out more each year! I still have some old OMNI's and a couple special issues of the Economist with which I am loathe to part) But I am trying not to horde! 

Anyway, the whole point of this is I was reading up on rugby history, on drop goals value (they are worth 3 points in Union Rugby) and how they are still valid in American Football as well (for 1 point if I read correctly) and how Doug Flutie was the last person to use a drop goal (drop kick for points) in American Football and the first person to use one since 1941! 

So, I was then reading how Doug Flutie was listed number one (No 1!) in the Canadian Top 50 CFL players list and then somewhere below that how he is 6th in passing completions and yards with one of the five QB's in front of him being the one and only Anthony Calvillo! It looks like he still playing and doing very well for the Montréal Alouettes! Go Tony!

What a bloody small world we live in, eh?

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