Monday April 26th

Monday April 26th

Lounged a bit in the morning.

We went to the koi fish feeding at noon. 

Today we just relaxed at the resort. 

Went to the pools, enjoyed the hot tubs, cave pools, ordered some stuff from poolside Kolohe's Grill. We received $10.00 gift coupons from guest services so we used those on our food. They had an updated poolside menu with lots of goodies. We had delicious Thai wraps and some yummy coconut dish for about $12 + tip after the discount. We had already brought our own drinks down so we had a nice meal for just a few bucks. 

At 4pm they had a welcome meeting event where they gave away a few door prizes like spa treatments and snorkel and swim with dolphin excursions, etc.

Then they had Chief Sielu brought out a few people and did a few cool things. He husked a coconut with a stick. He started a fire with a bit of wood and coco husk. He quickly climbed a tree and was full of great one liners that kept the crowd entertained. You have to remember Chief Sielu was one of the mainstays at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

After the welcome show, we went down to the laguna and watched the sunset. We met a couple of guys who just sold off everything in California, moved here, bought a boat and were just sailing between islands on the cheap. Pretty interesting..... 

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