Summer Twilight Concert Series

Summer Twilight Concert Series

Finally, Salt Lake had enough sense to move the Summer Twilight Concert Series to a venue that HOPEFULLY can handle it.

I mean, the Gallivan center was fine for a small intimate crowd of a few hundred people. But when thousands of people plus vendors starting showing up, it was nearly impossible to actually see the band playing at all, let alone feel like you were at the same concert as the band was playing. It was if you could hear the music from a live concert video on a small TV in a passing café that was on the other side of the street.

Anyway, here is the line up and I am excited!

Free Admission
Presented by the Salt Lake City Arts Council

July 8: Modest Mouse w/Avi Buffalo

Report:  FAILURE

I got off work about 5 to go. Went home to pick up wife and kid(s). One daughter, Rylee had already headed out about 4pm. She started texting us at 5:30 that it was already too crowded and getting hard to navigate. By 7pm, after AVI Buffulo had started she started texting "Abort Abort", "Do Not Come" "Too Crowded"..."So many people you can't hear band, can't get close, can't see."....... She also said there were only two entrances and exits and it took forever to get in or out.

I can only imagine it was very crowded considering Rylee regularly goes to crowded concerts in places like The Venue and is familiar with the crowded conditions of bustling to the front of the stage and hanging out near mosh pits...

So we aborted because it did sound simply too crowded. Instead we listened to music on our deck and enjoyed the beautiful night. I had high hopes for the move from the Gallivan to Pioneer but somehow deep in my gut, I knew they wouldn't do it right. I had spec'd out the park and could just sense they would not build the proper stage and sound system they would need for such a big flat area.

Estimates are more than 40,0000 people attended and that is simply crazy to have on a flat venue. That is twice the capacity of the Delta Center (I mean Energy Solutions Center).

My hopes for the for the rest of the Twilight Series are now a bit diminished... :-( 

We will try the next one and maybe listen from across the street at the homeless shelter and see how that goes...

July 15: Girl Talk w/Memory Tapes

July 22: Beirut w/Twin Sister
July 29: The New Pornographers w/ the Dodos
August 5: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings w/ Jamie Lidell
August 12: Matisyahu w/ TBA
August 19: Big Boi w/Chromeo
August 26: She & Him

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