Quicklier(adjective + adverb): 

  1. A modern somewhat debated yet comical back-formation emphasizing quicker + quickly meaning very quickly or much quicker. This formation actually follows one track of standard formation of an adverb (spright->sprightly->sprightlier and live->lively->livelier) but is more than equally supported by the other track (green->greenly->greener)
  2. Extremely quickly or quick, fast.
  3. A speed akin to hasty, with a heightened sense of movement and action, faster than normal fast.

Back Formations / Compounds / Derivatives: 

Quickliest - Superlative noun form, equivalent to 'Most quickly'

Quicklierest - Another superlative noun form, eh....yeah....

  • "The new deadline forced the team to feel like they needed to finish quicklier than ever before." 
  • "The impetus for the unreasonable goals set by the new management reflected their quicklier mentality."
  • "The quicklier you get it done, the mo' betta it will be for you."
  • "The quickliest kid around was Joe. No one could get into trouble with such short notice like he could."
  • "Send me the stuff as quickliest as you can! The quicklier the better."

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