USA Rugby U-19 Championships 2010

United Rugby Football Club Wins!

Well! United pulled it off! Good for them!

What a game! 17 nil at the end of the first half. I think Highland was shellshocked after that and never quite made it back. They did come out strongly after half and got 17 points to match, but United capitalized and got the extra it needed to finish the task. Nevertheless it was well contested by two great teams and the final score on the Rio Tinto pitch was 22-17 for United!

What a great showing for two Utah Rugby Clubs to be in the final championship game for the Under Nineteen (U-19) USA Rugby NATIONAL Championship!!!

Saturday I had watched Highland decimate Belmont Shore (Southern California). Belmont did a great job keeping up with Highland but they could never quite put it down in the Try zone. So it was quite a change of pace to see HIghland struggling to keep up with United. 

The level of play in this championship test was heightened; the physicality was noticeable; both teams were going all out. What a great great test!

2010-05-22 USA Rugby U-19 Championships - Highland vs. United

Rugby U-19 / Highschool Boys & Highland vs. Belmont Semi Finals

Congrats also to Xavier for putting away the High School division championship.

Highschool Seedings

# Region/Field Team
1 Pacific #1 Jesuit High School
2 Pacific #2 Snow Canyon High School
3 Northeast #1 Xavier High School
4 Mid-Atlantic #1 Gonzaga College High School
5 Midwest #1 Brownsburg High School
6 West #1 Westlake High School
7 South #1 Charlotte Catholic High School
8 Southern Cal #1 Fallbrook High School

Under Nineteen (U-19) Seedings

# Region/Field Team
1 Pacific #1 Highland
2 Pacific #2 United
3 West #1 Katy
4 Mid-Atlantic #1 Downingtown
5 Southern Cali #1 Belmont Shore
6 Midwest #1 Westerville
7 South #1 Alpharetta Phoenix
8 Northeast #1 Union County

Brackets & Scores

Round 1

Highland vs Union County 38-0

Belmont vs Downington 33-0

Katy vs Westerville 22-15 

United vs Alpharetta Phoenix   50-0

Round  2 Winners

HIghland vs Belmont 31-0

United vs Katy  41-6

Round  2 Consolation

Union County vs Downington 15-10

Westerville vs Alpharetta Phoenix 47-3

Round 3 Consolation

Westerville vs Union County 22-15

Round 3 Championship

United vs Highland 22-17

Want to see the championship game? Check it out here!

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