Chase Bank Deal Too Good To Be True?

Chase Bank Deal Too Good To Be True?

My friend, Shannon Archibald, put this little vignette on Facebook a few days ago. I thought it was worth sharing and hopefully help give enough bad publicity to Chase Bank to change their ways.

Yeah, yeah, it is so sad the banks have been hurting so bad with the recession and all. Only record profits 2 of the last 4 quarters. How sad. Fewer million dollar bonuses and golden parachutes.  

The new credit protection act really curtails banks ability to stick it to their customers so you know this kind of thing has been in the works for a while. Read this and be wary!

Shannon's Story:

I receive a coupon in the mail inviting me to open new accounts at a new branch of Chase Bank that has opened across the street from my old bank. By doing so the Chase coupon says the bank will deposit $100 into my new account too! What a great deal! I go into the branch, open my account and am told I will receive my new debit card in the mail shortly but it will take "a few weeks for the $100 to be deposited into my account.

Fair enough.

I go home and wait for my debit card to arrive...and wait...and wait. No card in my mail lockbox. Having been a recent victim of major identity theft I start to worry. I call Chase and they say I should've received my card by now. The teller says he will order a new card and have it sent to the branch where I can pick it up. They will call me when it arrives. I wait...and wait...and wait. Mind you, over 2 months has gone by now and I'm doing NO banking at Chase yet because I have no debit/ATM card. I get my first statement from Chase and see that my account is $45 in the negative! I call the branch again and am told the charge is for my new debit card!!!

Apparently, somewhere in the very fine print of my account agreement the bank is allowed to charge me for the card!So much for that great $100 free coupon offer! Needless to say, the teller neglected to mention that detail to me when I opened the account. I tell the bank employee I've got no card and therefore Chase will get no money from me! Three and a half months after opening the account I receive a voicemail that my debit card has been sitting at the branch and has been for awhile! I tell them I'm no longer going to be banking with them.

I've [since] gone to US Bank where I'm given a FREE debit card on the SAME day that I open my account. I think I'm done with Chase Bank. I chalk it up to an offer that really was too good to be true. Fast forward again and yesterday I receive a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY informing me that they are calling to collect $64 on behalf of Chase Bank! That's the cost of the debit card plus fees and penalties! The woman informs me that if I don't pay I will receive a negative on my credit report...which can't really get any worse after my divorce and identity theft problems mind you! What now???

Beware Chase Bank my friends!

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