SMTP on Vista Business

SMTP on Vista Business

Setting up Adobe ColdFusion on Vista Business was pretty straightforward until I needed to have my applications send out error emails.

Where is it?

I looked in all the usual places and could not find it to add or setup in services. In the IIS7 interface you can setup where emails should be sent, and you can even specify localhost, but there is no actual service installed, setup, or able to setup from Programs and Features.

This is because, after a bit of searching, it is NOT part of the Vista Business install.

SMTP Options

So you basically have two options.

  1. You have to use a 3rd party smtp service. 
  2. You have to have another box that accepts relays to point to for smtp service.

My Solution

For the utmost in simplicity, I just use FREESMTP from This is a super basic smtp service. It only runs when the window is open. It only has two options, the DNS it uses, and the port it uses. That is it. But it works in a pinch.

Other Solutions

You can also try for more features.

And I have used CDONT/CDOSYS  and JMAIL from (in ASP) in the past and they work well. I haven't used these lately or with ColdFusion, just ASP, but I am sure it would work fine, just take more configuration to setup and call from ColdFusion as a com object. 

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