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American Express Extended Warranty

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As I said, the American Express Extended Warranty and Buyers Assurance is easily worth the price of the annual fee for this card. Here are some of my results with using the program. 

Recent Experiences

Motorcycle Battery: FAILED

It seems motorcycle and scooter batteries don't seem to last very long. In 2010 I bought a 2nd battery for my scooter and this time I made sure it had a full 1 year warranty. I got a 9BS Exide slightly oversized for my bike from Autozone. 

The battery was already having trouble holding a charge by fall, but reasonable. So I knew it might have some issues by the next spring. Even though I kept my scooter in the garage, it was un-rechargeable by March. 

So I ran this through the gauntlet of the American Express Extended Warranty. 

The initial online submission was very simple. I faxed in a warranty and the original receipt. However after a few weeks (it can take about two weeks for them to put your case together - I can only imagine a giant room with faxes falling in from giant fax machines and little workers running around below trying to sort them all), it was denied.

The reason is nearly all car/motor-sports parts and accessories are excluded. Okay, fair enough. 

Google G1 Android: SUCCESS

As my G1 died right after the warranty and insurance from Assurion with T-Mobile was cut loose (of course), I tried my G1. 

The online submission went fine. I waited a few days to see what they wanted me to fax in, and after about 10 days, lo and behold, it was approved with no need to fax anything.

NICE! That was easy!

So I got about $170.00 back on my dead G1. That almost pays for the price of my forced upgrade to the MyTouch 3G Slide

How to file a claim:

Although you can call (1-800-225-3750), it is also pretty darn easy to do it online here.

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