T-Mobile Advises Against Back Seat Driving

T-Mobile Advises Against Back Seat Driving

T-Mobile Recommends That You Do Not Crawl Over Your Back Seat!

Now I know most states have passed some kind of hands-free or no cell phone laws, but I bet none of the laws cover this bit of advice.

It is a good thing T-Mobile thought of it.

In fact, just the other day I had thrown my cell phone onto  the backseat of my car and was happily speeding along when it started ringing my way cool Kukaburra ringtone. I was about to crawl over the seat of my car into the backseat to answer it because I knew that ringtone meant business when I remembered the sage advice in the G1manual.

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This is absolutely the best advice I have ever seen. It may have saved my life. And that is simply priceless.

Please my friends -- HEED THIS ADVICE. It could save your life!

"Keep Your Phone Closed. If it rings and you discover it is in the backseat, DO NOT crawl over the back seat while driving to answer it!"

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