Utard, Utardic, Utahnymous


Utard: (noun, pejorative -- rarely a compliment): 

Related Words: 

Utardic [Utardique] (adjective) - Applying the term to an object or person alludes to the odd, perhaps silly-to-stupid, origin or relationship to Utah cultural ties. 

Utardy (adjective) - Arriving at what is occasionally called "Utah Standard Time" and "Mormon Standard Time".

Utardly (adverb) - Done in a Utardic fasion.

Utahnymous (adjective) -  When no one takes credit or blame for an act and hopes the issue will eventually just go away. Or, when someone calls for a volunteer, the herd reaction of a congregation to all suddenly act in a fashion as to disappear, appear invisible, in hopes to remain Utahnymous.

  1. A Utard is a person from Utah. It is a synonym of Utahn with perjorative overtones. Many believe there are only two kinds of people in Utah: Utahns and Utards. Most Utards wish to remain Utahnymous lest someone notice. 
  2. An incompletely formed object or person, falling slightly short of full fruition or recognition of the thing expected, stunted in development of growth or consciousness. Many people who move to Utah have done so with the hope to feel slightly superior. Encountering large numbers of Utards can be a morale booster.
  3. A person whose belief system is based purely on hope and faith with a significant lack of will, desire, or aptitude to add congnitive reasoning and intellecutal inquiry to the mix of personal epistomology.


  • "Chris Buttars epitomizes the state of being an utard on so many levels."
  • "The utardique urn, fabricated in haste and with little regard for form or functionality, could hardly be called the epitome of Mrs. Page's 2nd grade pottery art experiment."



Formed sometime shortly after English speakers founded the state of Utah. If you need to ask the origin, you might be a utard. 

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