Disastrophé: Noun

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  1. An event that is of magnitude greater than a run-of-the-mill disaster or catastrophé. 
  2. The quality of being astonishingly boring to the point of wonderment or being amazingly dull. This meaning is used straight-up, neat, or on the rocks.
  • "The Sendai earthquake, followed by a massive tidal wave, then a resultant major nuclear reactor leak in nearby Fukushima, is a bonafide modern day man and nature made disastrophé!"
  • "One word: Chernobyl" 
  • "The duct-tape prom dress, hastily made with too little time, planning , and without lining, not only stuck to the poor girls skin like silvered wrappings of an ancient mummy, but it lent her the hideous and tortured appearnance of a walking undead as well. A fashion disastrophé."

A combined neologism of disaster and catastrophé.

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