Fixing or Replacing a Nissan Quest Window Motor Part 3

Part 3 - Replacing A Nissan Quest Window Motor

Testing Replacement Motor - Fixing a Nissan Quest Window MotorThe black rubber spot on the motor face in the far right of this photo is the reset switch. It is exposed when it is installed by the hole next to the speaker as shown in the next photo.

Peeling Back The Insulation - Fixing a Nissan Quest Window MotorThe reset switch is covered by a thin foam sticker that peels off to reveal the switch shown on the face of the motor.

Resetting the Anti-Pinch Setting

When you replace the motor, possibly disconnect the battery, and apparently some other times, the Anti-Pinch setting gets undone and when you try and roll your window up automatically, it will roll up all the way then come back down about 5 or 6 inches. This is a safety feature that is supposed to keep someone from being choked if they are hanging they head out (a dog perhaps?) or having their hand or arm caught in the door.

I finally found a reliable post from a manual on how to do this. And it works. Worked for me the first time. I had tried several other posts and none of them worked. There also are what look like two reset switches on the motor so it is important to be using the correct one. The correct one is in this picture here and is visible from the door panel if you remove a little round sticky covering the access hole. This is actually on on the motor/gear reduction assembly. The WRONG switch is on the side of the motor and accessible by reaching just inside the big access hole to the left of the motor through the door panel frame. 

So here are the verified working directions:

Resetting Anti-Pinch Feature Instructions per Nissan

After installing each component to the vehicle, perform the following procedure to reset the limit switch.

  1. Raise the glass to the top position.
  2. While pressing and holding the reset switch, lower the glass to the bottom position.
  3. Release the reset switch. Verify that the reset switch returns to the original position, and then raises the glass to the top position.

CAUTION: Do not operate the glass automatically to raise the glass to the top position. (In other words, short pull and hold the window closed, do not long pull and release which activates the auto close feature).

And you are done! Way to go! Wasn't that easy?

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