Friday April 30th

Friday April 30th

We got to Kailua on Oahu. We used directions from a friend, Wendy M. Druce, and took the Like Like Highway (said Lick-ee Lick-ee). We had never traversed Oahu that way before and it was quite nice. Although they had fenced off the specific entrance she suggested in the neighbourhood by the canal Wendy suggested, we found one a few blocks down. There are many public access ways along Kailua Beach but they are tucked in between these shoreline neighbourhoods so if you blink you will miss them. 

The beach was gorgeous! Beautiful sand, beautiful ocean, beautiful view. 

We mostly lounged about but I tried boogie boarding and body surfing a little. The wind here is pretty constant so the waves are too. However, they are quick and choppy, come in rapid succession, churn up quite a bit of sand towards shore, and not too big. So although it was fun to be out in the waves trying to body surf, they are not nearly big enough for my stocky body. 

I had better luck boogie boarding but had to go out a ways and wait for the few and far between big waves to catch a few. You can easily catch the quick little waves closer in but they only go about 10 yards so and you are basically back on the beach so they are not very interesting for me. The local little kids loved those though. And so did the parents watching the kids because they are not out very far so easy to monitor. 

The reason the waves are like that is it goes out very shallow for quite a ways and then drops off pretty steeply. So out a bit, you get some regular wave intervals and then as it hits the shallow, you get them all bunched up. 

On the way back we drove along the Maka Pu'u point direction, past the côte sauvage, past Koko tuft, etc. 

We drove around Diamond Head and parked near the Natatorium. Jenivee swears we hadn't been to it before and I couldn't convince her otherwise. So I took some pictures of her in front of it this time to prove she had been there.

We watched sunset from here. 

Friday April 30th

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