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We had dinner tonight with my honey at Star of India after enjoying “L’arnacoeur” at the Broadway. A nice evening.

Vanessa Paradis

Movie was very well done. Had Vanessa Paradis in it. Last film I saw her in I was in France and it was a strange magical fantasy style movie. “Un amour de sorcière” si je me souviens bien. Il y avait Jean Reno aussi dans ce film. I’ve always liked him since “Le grand bleu“. And “La femme Nikita“. And “Les visiteurs” bien sûr. “Un amour” was not great a great film though. Pretty bad actually. So wasn’t sure what to expect in this film with her as the leading lady. Vanessa Paradis in it who did reasonably well. But she has been busy with Johnny Depp since then.

Romain Duris

I’ll tell you who had a great performance was Romain Duris. I vaguely recall him in “L’auberge espagnole“, anyone, anyone, anyone remember this one? I thought this was also decent. This had Audrey Tatou of “Amélie” fame in it as well. So Romain did a great job. I was a little worried about him being convincing as a bodyguard but they pulled it off and made it all come together.

L’arnacoeur (Heartbreaker)

So it was good! I recommend it. I like how they used a play on words (jeu de mots) with Arnaqueur. Ha ha. It made me laugh. And YES, they offset coeur in a different colour just in case you missed it (it is a homonym sound in French). Funny thing is “Les arnaqueurs” was the very first film I saw in France (The Grifters with John Cusack). I can’t remember if I saw it in VO or dubbed anymore. Funny that. I still have only seen “Soylent Green” in German… [… “Soylent Grün ist manfleisch!!!!…. as they drag away Heston]

Star of India

Food was great! Took me back to college days when we would all go to Sarita’s and have Paneer, Kheer, Indian cheesecake, Saagaloo, lamb, sishkabobs, rice, chutneys and curries. Yum.

Smiths cookies with crappy ingredients. Not a bargain.

Smiths cookies with crappy ingredients. Not a bargain.

I got lunch today at the deli at Smiths and saw they had a bunch of cookies on sale. Like $1.29 for a dozen or so. I got a box of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. After giving some to coworkers, I tried them myself and quickly realized these were not cookies on sale because Smiths liked its customers. They were on sale because they were undercooked in what was probably a microwave hunting accident,  a baking soda labour strike, and the only thing that showed up working hard was bad taste from the Saltaholics Undercook-me Club.

Something bad must have happened over the Labour Day holiday. For real. Like too many people not working (it was Labour Day Weekend). No one was watching the cookie production machine, and these pieces of crap came out.

Now they are trying to dump them on the unsuspecting public instead of throwing them away and starting over.

The thing that really gets me is Smiths cookies are not that great when they are done correctly. They are better than Chips Ahoy and some other packaged stale cookies because at least they seem fresh.

But these are just crappy flat undercooked cookies. Maybe they could label them “Smiths Cookie Crappers” so you know what you are getting.
If they were not so inexpensive (10 bits or so), I would waste my time to go take them back. I am sure that is exactly what they are counting on people to do; if people figure it’s not worth their time to take them back, they can cover their loss for being idiot cookie makers.


The burgers on the left use the WBQ Burger recipe.

WBQ BBQ Burgers. YUM!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Our fam enjoyed a Luau, a Chile Verde Fest, and an evening at my house with extended family featuring my own special recipe for spicy WBQ Burgers. I  will  give you the recipe as best I can, but I always make it to taste with what I have on hand. I can tell you it almost always includes oatmeal, Dakota sauce, chile powder and/or cayenne, Worcestershire sauce, and sometimes cold pressed whole flaxseed. Sounds good and healthy, right? I don’t know about healthy, but it sure is good, and you get a little more fibre than usual. One of the main reasons for adding the oatmeal, in addition to pretending to be better for you, is that it helps the meat stick together better. If you try omitting it and then add all that sauce and stuff, you will have a tough time keeping your burgers in one piece on your grill.

Here is my best guess at a recipe for these burgers:

WBQ Burgers

Makes 16-18 1/4 to 1/3 lb burgers

  • 4lbs 85 -90% lean hamburger
  • 1.5 cups old fashioned oats
  • 1/4 cup cold pressed flaxseed
  • 1/4 cup Dakota sauce (sub with Hickory Smoke Flavour + more Chile/Cayenne if you can’t find this)
  • 1tbsp chipotle powder
  • 1 to 2 tbsp chile and/or cayenne powder
  • 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce

Mush this up real good. I use a little aluminium burger press to make slightly larger than 1/4 lb burgers by not squeezing it completely shut. Then I round it up a bit by hand. I get my grill up to about 400 and throw the burgers on so they get good sear marks. I turn the grill down to about 275-300 and let cook 2 or three minutes and then flip for another 3 to 4 minutes with the grill on low so the temperature drops (at the hood thermostat, your grill may vary) to about 225 and they are usually done by then. I usually squish them a bit to get some of the fat out. Remove from grill and let sit for about 6 to 7 minutes while I toast the buns on the grill and then serve. Delicious!

Prairie Schooner Is What It Is

Generally, we all love the Prairie Schooner for what it is: A slightly overpriced steak house with a cool old west night time theme. However, the last couple of times we have been and/or TRIED to go, we have been mildly dissappointed. Mostly (for me) the value proposition is lacking  just a bit. I think the food is pretty good, but the choices are a little limited or start to get a little crazy spendy more in the ilk of what  Spencer’s or Ruth’s Chris in Salt Lake serves. Is the the steak THAT good? Um…. well…. probably not quite. Not quite. But not bad. Of course. I am speaking for ME. My wife is pretty upset. I do a more formal review of the food on my main site: http://www.williambroadhead.com/.

Mad Wife, Sad Life

She wanted to go for the weekend brunch with the girls this Labour Day Weekend and she tried checking out the menu on the website. No brunch menu, and only painful PDF’s for Lunch and Dinner to download from the Flash Based icky website. Not ugly-icky, just navigational stupid-icky.  She also tried calling several times the day of going and could only get  a prerecorded message with general info.

Village Inn It!

So she went to the Prairie Schooner, got out of the car, went to the door, read the posting on the door, and then went to Village Inn. The reason? They are closed for renovations until September 13th, 2010. So of course, you have to wonder what kind of idiot doesn’t put that on their website or at the very least on their pre-recorded message on the main phone line. Oh, Prairie Schooner idiots. That’s who!