We had dinner tonight with my honey at Star of India after enjoying “L’arnacoeur” at the Broadway. A nice evening.

Vanessa Paradis

Movie was very well done. Had Vanessa Paradis in it. Last film I saw her in I was in France and it was a strange magical fantasy style movie. “Un amour de sorcière” si je me souviens bien. Il y avait Jean Reno aussi dans ce film. I’ve always liked him since “Le grand bleu“. And “La femme Nikita“. And “Les visiteurs” bien sûr. “Un amour” was not great a great film though. Pretty bad actually. So wasn’t sure what to expect in this film with her as the leading lady. Vanessa Paradis in it who did reasonably well. But she has been busy with Johnny Depp since then.

Romain Duris

I’ll tell you who had a great performance was Romain Duris. I vaguely recall him in “L’auberge espagnole“, anyone, anyone, anyone remember this one? I thought this was also decent. This had Audrey Tatou of “Amélie” fame in it as well. So Romain did a great job. I was a little worried about him being convincing as a bodyguard but they pulled it off and made it all come together.

L’arnacoeur (Heartbreaker)

So it was good! I recommend it. I like how they used a play on words (jeu de mots) with Arnaqueur. Ha ha. It made me laugh. And YES, they offset coeur in a different colour just in case you missed it (it is a homonym sound in French). Funny thing is “Les arnaqueurs” was the very first film I saw in France (The Grifters with John Cusack). I can’t remember if I saw it in VO or dubbed anymore. Funny that. I still have only seen “Soylent Green” in German… [… “Soylent Grün ist manfleisch!!!!…. as they drag away Heston]

Star of India

Food was great! Took me back to college days when we would all go to Sarita’s and have Paneer, Kheer, Indian cheesecake, Saagaloo, lamb, sishkabobs, rice, chutneys and curries. Yum.

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