V - Anna Screams in agony because of the V plot-line

Anna Screams in agony because of the V plot-line

V vs. Flashfoward

I would like to boycott ABC because they signed up for another season of V but canceled Flashforward. V was getting so corny and inconsistent I could barely stand it. Even though it had a bunch o’ my fave actors from Firefly and 4400, it was just getting TOO silly.

Flashfoward on the other had was a great little idea of a show. I really wanted to see what they came up with next. Quantum Entanglement Device, QED, right on! I think it posed great possibilities as we tackle that age old question of fate vs choice, free will vs deterministic outcome, and how that all mingles into ethics and morality. I mean, really, if you are a fatalist, do you really have any capacity to be ethical or moral? Because you ‘have no free agency’? Hum…

Pascal’s wager always comes to mind in these types of conundra.

But back to the show. It was very interesting to watch the characters sort this all out, process it, deal with it, face it and stare it down. It was also a great show because things were never truly black and white and often not what you first thought. It evolved, grew, deepened.

I don’t get it, ABC. Are you trying to market ONLY to people who don’t have any depth? People who can only follow a simple story line with black and white, true or false? Who ignore gaping storyline holes that you could drive an army of tanks through?

I think I threw in the towel completely when ship security failed: These sophisticated aliens have optical feeds sewn into acolytes uniforms and have massive security rooms with massive systems in place to monitor all of earth’s activities. However, once a human is on the ship and gets past the front gate area, you can walk all over anywhere you want. The queen’s quarters, the egg rooms, where ever you want. No one notices you setting bombs, acting suspiciously, running around in these ultra sensitive areas. That makes perfect sense. And adds to the believability.

Yep. Right there, I thought to myself, ABC must think I am a total idiot. Or they are idiots. I prefer to think it’s them, not me. Since I noticed the unlikely scenario, after all. This show officially sucks.


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