Smiths cookies with crappy ingredients. Not a bargain.

Smiths cookies with crappy ingredients. Not a bargain.

I got lunch today at the deli at Smiths and saw they had a bunch of cookies on sale. Like $1.29 for a dozen or so. I got a box of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. After giving some to coworkers, I tried them myself and quickly realized these were not cookies on sale because Smiths liked its customers. They were on sale because they were undercooked in what was probably a microwave hunting accident,  a baking soda labour strike, and the only thing that showed up working hard was bad taste from the Saltaholics Undercook-me Club.

Something bad must have happened over the Labour Day holiday. For real. Like too many people not working (it was Labour Day Weekend). No one was watching the cookie production machine, and these pieces of crap came out.

Now they are trying to dump them on the unsuspecting public instead of throwing them away and starting over.

The thing that really gets me is Smiths cookies are not that great when they are done correctly. They are better than Chips Ahoy and some other packaged stale cookies because at least they seem fresh.

But these are just crappy flat undercooked cookies. Maybe they could label them “Smiths Cookie Crappers” so you know what you are getting.
If they were not so inexpensive (10 bits or so), I would waste my time to go take them back. I am sure that is exactly what they are counting on people to do; if people figure it’s not worth their time to take them back, they can cover their loss for being idiot cookie makers.


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